Terms & Conditions


Active Members


Each Individual Member shall have the right to attend the events organized by the Society and to participate in the deliberations and to cast their vote in the General Assembly. Each Member shall receive the World Journal of Surgery and the Newsletters in electronic form and obtain access to the parts of the Society's webpage that may be restricted to the members. Print copies may attract additional charges.

All Individual Members shall adopt the purpose and the objectives of the Society and aspire to the high standards of the profession.

Subject to the other provisions of these Internal Rules, all Individual Members shall pay yearly the membership dues in advance, the quantum as determined by the General Assembly. All fully paid-up Individual Members who have paid the ordinary annual dues, as well as all Honorary Members, are eligible to serve as officers of the Society.


Senior Members


Individual Members who have retired from active practice and who have been Individual Members of the Society for at least fifteen years, may request from the Council, Senior Membership status which exempts them from paying the membership dues. They are no longer eligible as officers.


Honorary Members


Upon recommendation of the Nominating Committee, the Council may grant Honorary Membership to individuals of undoubted international reputation who have rendered distinguished service to the Society or to international surgery. Honorary Members shall enjoy all the privileges of Individual Membership but are exempted from having to pay membership dues.


Termination of Membership


By Resignation. Resignation must be submitted in writing to the Administrative Office. The membership dues for the current year will not be reimbursed.

By Cancellation of Membership. Membership will be terminated by the Administrative Office for members who after three reminders during the calendar year are still in arrears with their membership dues.

By Demise. Individual Members who have passed away will be removed by the Administrative Office from the membership roster.

By Expulsion. Members who have violated the standards of the Society may, upon a motion presented by the Secretary General to the Council, be expelled.