Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

As per March, 2014


The following terms and conditions set out the legal rules applicable to the membership dues payment of the International Society of Surgery ISS/SIC and for payments in relation to Congress participation. Members (or Congress Delegates) shall be bound by these terms and conditions and are advised to read carefully and understand these terms before processing a payment. The ISS/SIC will not accept any conditions contradictory to or deviant from our general terms and conditions and herewith contradicts these explicitly.


Society: International Society of Surgery ISS/SIC

The Society is constituted by Active Members, Associate Members, Senior Members and Honorary Members or Congress Delegates

Active Members (AM) must pay the annual dues established by the General Assembly. They may vote, serve as officers of the society and on committees. They shall receive or have access to all publications of the Society including the official organ, World Journal of Surgery.

Associate Members (XM) must pay the annual dues established by the General Assembly. They have full privileges as Active Members but no voting right. They may not serve as officers of ISS/SIC.

Senior Members (SM) are not required to pay the annual dues. They may vote but may not serve as officers. They shall receive or have access to notifications of Congresses and Newsletters. The subscription to the official organ, World Journal of Surgery, may be obtained at special rates.

Honorary Members (HM) have all of the rights of Active Members. They are not required to pay annual dues. They shall receive or have access to all of the publications of the Society including subscription to the official organ, World Journal of Surgery, without charge.

Congress Delegates do not need to be members of ISS/SIC. Congress Fees (incl. registration, socials, accommodation etc.) are published in conjunction with the corresponding congress separately. Conditions, Benefits, Services, Payment Deadlines and Terms for Cancellation/Refund Policy are outlined on the Registration Documentation of each congress separately.


The annual membership fee of ISS/SIC as approved by the General Assembly at the biennial World Congresses of Surgery includes:

  • membership of that year
  • subscription to the World Journal of Surgery of that year
  • reduced registration fee at the biennial World Congress of Surgery WCS 

Membership invoices are mailed annually at the end of each calendar year (January – December) and the payment process is to be renewed for each year (no automated debit). It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that the fee is paid yearly, latest at the beginning of each calendar year (January - December). Failure of dues payment after two reminders will result in temporary loss of membership services.


Collective Member Societies: Members of ISS/SIC Collective Member Societies (IAES, IATSIC, IASMEN, BSI, ISDS, ASAP) must pay an additional assessment for membership within each of the Collective Member Societies. Amount of the assessment as established by the General Assembly of the respective Society.

National Assessment: Some ISS/SIC National Chapters request separate assessment for members belonging to the respective National Chapter. Amount of the Chapter Assessment is established by the corresponding National Committee.

Donations: Members and Non-Members may donate towards the International Society of Surgery Foundation (ISSF). The ISS Foundation is incorporated in the State of Illinois, United States of America and is certified by the Internal Revenues Service of the United States as a charitable organization. The monies donated are to be used exclusively for the purposes as stipulated in the guidelines of ISSF. All donations will be confirmed for tax purposes.


Members who have not paid their annual dues in full until April will lose their login access and the subscription to the World Journal of Surgery, both are cancelled after dues warning. Failure to pay annual dues for 2 years - after due warning in writing annually - will lead to loss of membership.


Have to be applied for and justified. If a refund is done, charges and expenses will be deducted.


All payments made through this online payment facility must be made in CHF (Swiss Francs). Any currency conversion costs or other charges incurred in making the payment or in processing a refund shall have to be borne by the member or the third party making payment and shall not be deductible from the amount due.


Payments may be made by Credit Card Mail Order, Credit Card Online System, Banking Transaction. Banking Charges for transaction of payments are to be covered by the payer. Payment by Banking Cheque cannot be accepted!

All Payments must include the name of the Member and/or Membership Number for which the membership fee is paid. Credit Card payments must include the Name, Credit Card Number, Expiry Date and the 3-Digit Security Code (CVC2 for MasterCard or CVV2 for Visa Card) as per the Credit Card. Credit Card Mail Orders must be signed by the card owner.

Credit Card Payments are limited to an amount equivalent to CHF 2’000.00 (Swiss Francs). For payments above CHF 2’000.00 contact the Administrative Office of ISS/SIC at: surgery(at)iss-sic.ch


Payment of fees by a person or organization other than the member needs clear indication of the Member’s name.


Swiss Law is applied, any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Swiss authorities.

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