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National Delegates & Representatives


The Mission Statement of the ISS/SIC is “Advancing the Science and Art of Surgery Worldwide”. 

To achieve this, the Society:

  1. holds the International Surgical Week ISW (the “Congress”), a biennial event where present progress and problems of interest to all surgeons are presented. The Congress also offers venues for simultaneous meetings of various surgical specialities provided during joint presentations, panels and workshops; and

  2. disseminates knowledge of the science and art of surgery through the regular publication of the World Journal of Surgery(the “Journal”), the official organ of the Society, as well as through the publication of books, manuals and newsletters.


It is our intention to expand our activities, especially in Lower and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC):

  1. through the bringing of young surgeons from LMIC to the Congress. This is our “Travel Scholars” programme. Currently, ISS/SIC brings around 40 young surgeons to the International Surgical Week. We aim to increase that to 100.

  2. through partnering with surgical societies/organisations in LMIC to help them in educational efforts for surgeons within their own countries. This will be done at their request (through our national delegates-based in each country) either through specific courses or through contributing to their annual conferences by providing speakers, judges and discussants for research, moderators for sessions, examiners for surgical trainees and other areas that the specific country sees as helpful and needed, not what we think they need

National Delegates are the heart and soul of the ISS/SIC. Our National Delegates are the direct connection between the ISS/SIC and its Council, and the membership. National Delegates are expected to represent the ISS/SIC in their country. Relationships with National Surgical Societies can only be maintained and developed through our ISS/SIC National Delegates/Representatives on the ground. In addition, National Delegates/Representatives are expected to seek out and communicate educational needs for surgeons in their countries with the Academy. National Delegates/Representatives will also be required to be available to identify those who are able to help with those educational needs.



Each country that has 10 or more Active Members of the ISS/SIC the members shall constitute a Chapter. The Members of each Chapter shall elect a National Delegate. In countries without a Chapter, the Executive Committee of the ISS/SIC may appoint a National Representative. 

Term of office: Four-year term, with eligibility for one additional term (maximum eight years). If a Chapter fails to elect a National Delegate once the term of the previous National Delegate comes to its end, the Executive Committee of the ISS/SIC will appoint a new National Delegate.


Responsibilities of National Delegates and Representatives

Link with the ISS/SIC: The National Delegate/Representative links ISS/SIC members and the ISS/SIC Council. The National Delegate is responsible for maintaining communication with the ISS/SIC Administrative Office and the Secretary-General.

Membership: Grow the Chapter in numbers of members and organize an annual chapter meeting.

Educational: The National Delegate/Representative will help identify national educational surgical needs, especially in Lower- and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC)

Travel Scholars: The National Delegate/Representative will support the ISS Foundation to identify Travel Scholars (see above) for the International Surgical Week.

International Surgical Week: The National Delegate/Representative of the country in which our congress takes place will have significant responsibilities in organizing the Congress.



Additional duties:

  • represent the interests and wishes of members within the country
  • approve new member applications (sent by the ISS/SIC Administrative Office)
  • support applications for Fellowship of the International Society of Surgery (FISS).
  • recommend to the Executive Committee, the location and dates of future congresses
  • recommend to the Executive Committee, candidates to be considered for the award of:
    • Honorary Membership
    • Prize of the "Société Internationale de Chirurgie"
    • Robert Danis Prize
    • René Leriche Prize
    • other prizes sponsored by third parties

Such recommendations must be addressed to the Secretary-General in writing, no later than by the end of the year preceding the next General Assembly.

Downloads for National Delegates and Representatives


The following link contains documents, logos, the newsletter and other items for national delegates and national representatives. These files and documents shall be used to promote ISS/SIC and the World Congress of Surgery. In case you miss any document, please contact the ISS/SIC Administrative Office (


Downloads for National Delegates / Representatives

National Delegates - Updates


All national delegates and representatives regularly receive an e-mail informing them about the activities of the Society. National delegates and representatives are invited to submit reports on the initiatives of the ISS/SIC National Chapter.


National Delegates - Updates

ISS/SIC Chapter Meetings


Meeting ISS/SIC Portuguese Chapter

Tomar / Portugal / 23 March 2019



Meeting ISS/SIC Italian Chapter 1°

Rome / Italy / 17 October 2018