Welcome to the member site my ISS/SIC. By logging into the my ISS/SIC, you can update your profile and access member-only content.


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Is it your first time you login into the new database of my ISS/SIC?

Follow the steps below to create your password for your account:

1. Press the button above "my ISS/SIC"
2. Go to "Don't know your password" (link at the lower left side)
3. Go to "Search for my Account" and enter Lastname / Firstname 
4. Click on "Search"
5. At the next page: Click on "Obtain my login data"
6. At the next page: Click below on "Back to login"
6. Check your emails and open the link within. 
7. At the new page: Please choose a new password and retype it.
8. Click on "Save & login"

You now have access to the following content:

MyData: your personal contact details, address and areas of interest

MyConfirmation: your invoices, credit notes if available

MyMembership: your current membership status and access to RENEW MEMBERSHIP

MyJournals: your access to the World Journal of Surgery (only active if your membership dues are paid)