General Assembly

Extraordinary General Assembly 24 October 2018


Date: Wednesday, 24 October 2018
Time: 09.00 am
Location: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center - Room 104ABC

Your Society president, and the Executive Committee have been working hard to improve the Society, as well as making it more relevant and affordable for a large number of physicians across the globe.  Many of these changes will be announced in the next newsletter, and we feel that the Society has a bright and broader future.  However, in order to move forward, some urgent changes to the Constitution of the Society are necessary.  In addition, the fee structure is being revised, both to attract a wider group of members, and to recognise that there are many individuals in Lower and Middle income countries who could contribute their own expertise and needs to and through the Society.

Following the Notice, the proposed revised Constitution and Internal Rules can be downloaded for your attention.


Notice Extraordinary General Assembly

(This draft document has to be verified by the GA 24 October 2018)

Internal Rules
(This draft document has to be verified by the GA 24 October 2018)

In summary, there are three groups of changes:    

  1. The structures of the Organisation have been renamed (some to their previous identity).

    The “Board of Directors” becomes the “Executive Committee”

    The “Executive Committee” comes “The Council of the Society”

    The “Court of Honor” becomes more structured.

    The “Collective Member Societies” become the “Integrated Societies”

    The “Participating Societies” continue, but the structure is being broadened.

    We have created a new partnership with other Prestigious Societies and Organisations, whose members may enjoy joint membership privileges.

    We have recognised the contributions provided by Medical students, and physicians in training.
  2. The Academy of the Society is defined
  3. The biennial meeting will be known as “International Surgical Week – The World’s Congress of Surgery”
  4. Definitions have been changed to recognise the significant input we are now playing in the overall care of the surgical patient, to include Anaesthesiology, Critical Care, etc.

To implement these changes, an extraordinary General Assembly meeting will be necessary (see attached notice above). At the same meeting, we will propose a new fee structure for membership, taking into account, not only the economic realities of the broader world of today, no matter where you live, but also the affordability of being able to be a member of the Worlds’ oldest International Society.

General Assembly 2019


The International Society of Surgery (ISS) / Société Internatioinale de Chirurgie (SIC) will hold a General Assembly in August 2019 during the World Congress of Surgery 2019 in Krakow, Poland.