How the ISS/SIC membership application works



Who is eligible to become an ISS/SIC Member?

According to the constitution, the following applies: Medical doctors or non-medical scientists who have received academic training in, and who are, or have been, engaged as their main professional endeavor in a career involving a recognized field of surgery, anaesthesiology, or life science including the care of the critically ill, research or education.

Get ready to apply - keep the following documents ready


1. Curriculum Vitae

2. Proof of professional registration

3. Letter of support issued from two (2) sponsors (get two ISS/SIC members out of the directory)


    Letter of support issued from your head of department


    Letter of support issued from the National Delegate/Representative from your country. 



Please note: Your membership application will be processed immediatly. Incomplete applications will be returned. It is your own responsibility to upload all files requested.