Membership Application


Be part of the most respected and oldest international society in the field of surgery. ISS/SIC membership is an important investment in your own future at every stage in your career.

With the membership you will receive ISS/SIC leading scientific publication, World Journal of Surgery, timely information about general surgery, educational programs, networking opportunities and more!


Who is eligible to become an ISS/SIC Member?

According to the constitution, the following applies: All members shall be medical doctors or non-medical scientists who have received academic training in a field of surgery or life science and are or have been engaged as their main professional endeavor in a career involving a recognized field of surgery or life science, including care of the critically ill and/or recognition of expertise in surgical research.

How to apply

In order to facilitate and to shorten your application procedure, we have elaborated an electronic application form. Please take note that the electronic application can only be sent if all mandatory fields (marked with an *) are complied with. This will also include the indication of your two sponsors who must be ISS/SIC members. Find ISS/SIC members on the official Membership Directory.

Membership Directory



In case you do have any questions, contact us via or call +41 44 533 76 50.

Please note: in case you apply for IAES, you will be contacted by the IAES office during the approval process for further documentation.

Membership Categories

Active Members 

Medical doctors of good ethical character who have distinguished themselves by well-recognized professional and/or scientific achievements in surgery. Candidates for Active Membership should be members of one of the recognized national societies. Upon recommendation of a National Chapter (or of two Active Members for countries where there is no National Chapter), the Executive Committee can accept nominations for membership of individuals in fields of endeavor related to surgery.

Associate Members 

Applicants who may not present the complete requested credentials (CV, list of publications, 2 regular members acting as sponsors, approval by the National Delegate), doctors who are not involved in a field of surgery or non-medical scientists. Associate Members have full privileges as Active Member but no voting right.

Senior Members 

Members who have retired from active practice and who have been Active or Associate Members for at least 15 years. They must submit a request for Senior Membership status in writing to the Secretary General directly or through the National Delegate (or Chapter Secretary). For special reasons, the Executive Committee may confer Senior Membership to members having rendered special services to the ISS/SIC and who terminate their professional activity after less than 15 years of Active or Associate Membership.

Honorary Members 

Awarded by the Executive Committee. Recipients shall be preeminent surgeons or individuals of undoubted international reputation who have rendered distinguished services to the ISS/SIC or international surgery. Future Honorary Members do not need to be member of the ISS/SIC.

Student Members 

ISS/SIC's partner organization IASSS (International Association of Student Surgical Societies) is the contact for students interested in surgery. Please visit for more information.

Annual Dues


Active member:                                                                           CHF 180.00
Associate Member:                                                                      CHF 180.00
Active member younger than 40 years:                                    CHF   90.00
Associate Member younger than 40 years:                               CHF  90.00
Senior member:                                                                          Free
Honorary member:                                                                      Free
Collective Member Society:                                                        CHF 25.00
National Chapter Fee:                                                                 CHF 45.00
World Journal of Surgery online version:                                   Free
Wordl Journal of Surgery online version for Senior Member:   CHF 50.00
World Journal of Surgery printed version:                                 CHF 60.00


What do ISS/SIC Members get?

  • Subscription to World Journal of Surgery (WJS) 12 issues per year
  • Reduction of Registration Fee for World Congress of Surgery
  • International Network
  • National Chapter Activities
  • Optional membership in Collective Member Societies (IAES, IATSIC, IASMEN, BSI, ISDS, ASAP)

Members of the ISS/SIC are subscribed to World Journal of Surgery (WJS) – 12 issues per year. The international readership is provided with the latest, most authoritative information on major clinical problems in the field of surgery. Subscription is automatically included in the ISS/SIC membership fee.

Members have access to the online version of WJS where e-publication may occur in advance of the print journal and where dynamic manuscripts that include streaming video may be found. WJS is one of the six highest-ranking general surgical journals worldwide with an Impact Factor oscillating between 2 and 3.

Further membership privileges are the free online access to the following 10 Springer surgical journals:

  • Annals of Surgical Oncology
  • Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery
  • International Journal of Colorectal Diseases
  • Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery
  • Langenbeck’s Archives of Surgery
  • Neurosurgical Review
  • Pediatric Surgery International
  • Surgery Today
  • Surgical Endoscopy

Members have a considerably reduced registration fee at World Congress of Surgery (WCS) (formerly International Surgical Week ISW) and are given priority for inclusion as abstract reviewers, moderators or speakers at WCS.

The Network amongst ISS/SIC members gives great opportunities for a mutual exchange and support between surgeons from privileged and less privileged areas.

Members of ISS/SIC with specific interest in the corresponding field may also become member of one or more of the following Collective Member Societies at a modest assessment.

IAES – International Association of Endocrine Surgeons
IATSIC – International Association for Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care
IASMEN – International Association for Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition
BSI – Breast Surgery International
ISDS – International Society for Digestive Surgery
ASAP - Alliance for Surgery and Anesthesia Presence