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Benefits - what's in it for you?


More than 2,000 medical professionals from across the globe have discovered the value of ISS/SIC membership as an essential investment in their future. ISS/SIC offers benefits that inspire, drive and connect us in the translation of science to advance clinical practice and improve the lives of millions of people worldwide.

As a member of the ISS/SIC, you will receive:

Subscription and exclusive benefits to the following publications:

Exclusive meeting benefits, including:

Exclusive membership of Integrated Societies (USD 25 per society):


Enhanced access and benefits from our Associated Societies:


Enhanced access and benefits from our Participating Societies:

Enhanced access and benefits from our Partners:

Representation at Regional Surgical Conferences across the World:

  • Through our strong partnerships with many International Organisations, the International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC) has representation and participation in local or individual National Colleges and Societies, as a shared educational initiative

Eligibility for:

  • ISS Fellowship (FISS)
  • International Society of Surgery Foundation (ISSF) Travel Fellowships, to enable surgeons to travel to, and participate in the International Surgical Week (ISW)
  • Matching of Training Fellowships / Short term Training Opportunities
  • Matching of Clinical attachments by Society
  • International mentoring opportunities for Surgeons in Training
  • International mentoring and Medical Student elective opportunities

Prioritized access to:

Participation in the Society Structure:

  • Hold elected and/or appointed office in the ISS/SIC
  • Vote on Society matters and nominate and vote in Society elections
  • National Chapter Activities


Who is eligible to apply?


Medical doctors*
Non-medical scientists*
Medical students**

*who have received academic training in, and who are, or have been, engaged as their main professional endeavor in a career involving a recognized field of surgery, anaesthesiology, or life science including the care of the critically ill, research or education.

**in active study at a School of Medicine, may join as members.


Annual dues


Active Member (*High Income) 180 USD
Active Member (*Upper Middle Income) 120 USD
Active Member (*Lower Middle Income) 80 USD
Active Member (*Low Income) 40 USD
Senior Member Free
Honorary Member Free
Active Member Below 40 50% reduction
Active Member Student 75% reduction
Fee for each Integrated Society ** 25 USD
Fee for National Chapters (AU, FR, JP, US only) 45 USD
World Journal of Surgery digital edition FREE
World Journal of Surgery print edition 60 USD


*Classification is set according to the World Bank - (find FULL country classification here)

**The payment of the first fee for an Integrated Society is an administrative fee and is non-refundable if the applicant would not be admitted.

Terms & Conditions, Constitution and Internal Rules ISS/SIC


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Terms & Conditions

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