23 August and 6 September 2021



A Workshop on Scientific Writing by Springer Nature is planned around Virtual Surgical Week VSW 2021 to provide new authors and new reviewers insight on how to prepare and review scientific manuscripts. The Workshop is available in the format as a one day 90-minute workshop and the registrants will have the option to register for Monday, August 23rd or Monday, September 6th.  Registrants should only sign-up for one of the two dates.  Applicants must send an E-mail to for registration together with the proof of professional registration or student status. Registration will close on Monday, August 2nd. 


Organizer:               Julie Ann Sosa, USA

Sponsors:                Springer Science + Business Media, LLC.;
                                The World Journal of Surgery and the ISS/SIC

Dates:                      Monday, August 23, 2021, 7am PDT
                                (Pacific Daylight Time) and

                                Monday, September 6, 2021, 5pm PDT
                                (Pacific Daylight Time)

Location:                 Zoom Meeting (live online event)

Attendance:            Limited to 50 participants.  Each Zoom session
                               will have 5 participants and one editor who will
                               lead the conversation. It is recommended to
                               sign up early (fcfs)!

Course Fee:            No Charge


The course will cover how to read and review an article, how to write an abstract, and ways to become a better peer reviewer. It is very streamlined, and the syllabus is set and mature. The materials and homework will be sent to the participants in advance of the Workshop in order to optimize the 90 minutes.



Courses and Training


It is not enough to be a good operator. The effective practitioner is part of a multidisciplinary team that plans for, and is trained to provide, the essential medical and surgical response required in the management of the injured patient.

DSTC Course


The International Association for Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care (IATSIC) is a founding component of the Société International de Chirurgie (International  Society of Surgery) – ISS/SIC. Under the patronage and supervision of IATSIC, the Definitive Surgical Trauma Care (DSTC™) Course has been developed for surgeons who may be faced with the definitive care of a patient with multiple injuries.

The DSTC™ Course is designed for surgeons and surgical trainees, by surgeons. Many situations require specialist trauma surgical expertise, yet because of local conditions this is simply not available. Its intention is not to duplicate ATLS®, nor to provide an in depth course in surgery, but rather to teach those techniques particularly applicable to the patient who requires surgery and intensive care for major trauma, in a setting where such care is not commonly practised or even necessarily available. At the same time, Trauma Care is changing all the time, and this course also serves as an update of knowledge and information in the field of Trauma Care. DISCOVER


Picture_PB020003_160824 Picture_PB020012_160824

AGC Course


The Davos Course for gastrointestinal surgery offers a varied and manifold programme of scientific sessions and practical exercises to surgeons in training. The aim of this course is to foster each participant’s knowledge and to develop and improve the individual practical skills in safe standard surgical techniques, both in conventional and laparoscopic surgery. DISCOVER