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49th Congress of the International Society of Surgery ISS/SIC
International Surgical Week ISW 2022, Vienna, Austria

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Virtual Surgical Week VSW 2021

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47th World Congress of Surgery WCS 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

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46th International Surgical Week ISW 2013, Helsinki, Finland

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45th International Surgical Week ISW 2011, Yokohama, Japan

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Listing of past congresses


Year Congress City Country Congress President City, Country of President
2019 48th Krakow Poland Hill A.G. Auckland, New Zealand
2017 47th Basel Switzerland Patti M.G. Chapel Hill NC, USA
2015 46th Bangkok Thailand Wora-Urai N. Bangkok, Thailand
2013 45th Helsinki Finland Akerström G. Uppsala, Sweden
2011 44th Yokohama Japan Boffard K.D. Johannesburg, South Africa
2009 43rd Adelaide Australia Sarr M.G. Rochester MN, USA
2007 42nd Montréal Canada Kitajima M. Yokohama, Japan
2005 41st Durban South Africa Siewert J.R. Munich, Germany
2003 40th Bangkok Thailand Cancelled  
2001 Centennial Brussels Belgium Morris P.J. Oxford, UK
1999 38th Vienna Austria Wells Jr. S.A. Chicago IL, USA
1997 37th Acapulco Mexico Brown A.R Sydney, Australia
1995 36th Lisbon Portugal Idezuki Y. Saitama, Japan
1993 35th Hong Kong Hong Kong Trede M. Mannheim, Germany
1991 34th Stockholm Sweden Nyhus L.M. Chicago IL, USA
1989 33rd Toronto Canada Patiño J.F. Bogota, Columbia
1987 32nd Sydney Australia Bergentz S.-E. Malmö, Sweden
1985 31st Paris France Hardy J.D. Jackson MS, USA
1983 30th Hamburg Germany Ong G.B. Hong Kong
1981 29th Montreux Switzerland Marcadier M. Paris, France
1979 27th San Francisco USA Allgöwer M. Basel, Switzerland
1977 25th Kyoto Japan Holmes-Sellors T. Aylesbury, UK
1975 23rd Edinburgh UK Gerbode F. San Francisco, USA
1973 22nd Barcelona Spain Linder F. Heidelberg, Germany
1971 21st Moscow UdSSR Petrovsky B.V. Moscow, UdSSR
1969 20th Buenos Aires Argentina Fontaine R. Strassbourg, France
1967 19th Vienna Austria Sandblom P. Lund, Sweden
1965 18th Philadelphia USA Valdoni P. Rome, Italy
1963 17th Rome Italy Ochsner A. New Orleans LA, USA
1961 16th Dublin Ireland Dahl-Iversen E. Copenhagen, Denmark
1959 15th Munich Germany Mirizzi P. Cordoba, Argentina
1957 14th Mexico Mexico Denk W. Vienna, Austria
1955 13th Copenhagen Denmark Graham E.A. St.Louis MO, USA
1953 12th Lisbon Portugal Dos Santos R. Lisbon, Portugal
1951 11th Paris France Leriche R. Paris, France
1949 10th New Orleans USA Grey Turner G. London, UK
1947 9th London UK Mayer L. Brussels, Belgium
1938 8th Brussels Belgium Matas R. New Orleans LA, USA
1935 7th Cairo Egypt Schoemaker J. The Hague, Netherlands
1932 6th Madrid Spain De Quervain F. Berne, Switzerland
1929 5th Warsaw Poland Hartmann H. Paris, France
1926 4th Rome Italy Girdano D. Venice, Italy
1923 3rd London UK MacEwen W. Glasgow, UK
1920 2nd Paris France Keen W.W. Philadelphia PA, USA
1914 1st New York USA Depage A. Brussels, Belgium
1911   Brussels Belgium Lucas-Championnière J. Paris, France
1908   Brussels Belgium Czerny V. Heidelberg, Germany
1905   Brussels Belgium Kocher T. Berne, Switzerland