Hosting WCS

Application to host WCS


Invitations to host the World Congress of Surgery can only be made by the National Delegate of the inviting National Chapter with assurance of strong support by the National Surgical Society and authorities of the host country. (Please refer to the “Criteria to host WCS”).

It has to be taken into account that the organization and control of the scientific program will be done by the ISS/SIC Program Committee in conjunction with the Collective Member Societies and Partner Member Societies and with the input of the Local Organizing Committee at the Scientific Secretariat in Switzerland. The Executive Committee of International Society of Surgery/Société Internationale de Chirurgie will determine the region of interest for a future World Congress of Surgery (WCS).

Please note: We are running with a 4 years planning cycle. Any requests for WCS 2023 will be accepted until December 1, 2018. These requests have to be send directly to the ISS/SIC Administrative Office.