National Chapters

National Chapters


Each country that has 10 or more Active Members of the ISS/SIC the members shall constitute a Chapter. The Members of each Chapter shall elect a National Delegate, by the majority vote of the members present and voting at a regular meeting of the Chapter. He/she shall serve for a four-year term, with eligibility for one additional term only.

In countries without a Chapter, the Executive Committee of the ISS/SIC may appoint a National Representative.

The National Delegate or National Representative shall be responsible for approval of the applications for membership and maintaining communication with the Administrative Office and the Secretary General of the ISS/SIC.

The National Delegate of the country in which a congress is to be held shall have major responsibility for helping to organize the congress. If a Chapter fails to communicate and to elect a National Delegate once the term of the previous National Delegate comes to its end, the Executive Committee of the ISS/SIC shall appoint a new National Delegate or Representative to safeguard communication.


The responsibilities of the National Chapters shall be to:


  • a) Elect a National Delegate.

  • b) Conduct one business meeting per year.

  • c) Discuss with the membership the policies of the ISS/SIC.

  • d) Recommend to the membership the location and dates of future congresses.

  • e) Recommend to the Nominating Committee potential Vice Presidents of the next congress for election by the members of the ISS/SIC at a regular General Assembly.

  • f) Recommend to the Executive Committee Members, for vote at a regular meeting, candidates to be awarded the
    - Honorary Membership
    - Prize of the "Société Internationale de Chirurgie"
    - Robert Danis Prize- René Leriche Prize
    - other prizes sponsored by third parties
    Such recommendations must be addressed to the Secretary General in writing, no later than by the end of the year preceding the next General Assembly.
  • g) Recommend to Executive Committee and to the membership, for vote at a regular General Assembly, expulsion of members for due cause.