Martin Allgöwer Lectures

Martin Allgöwer Lectures


2019 Krakow H. Abdullah, Malaysia
Difficult Thyroid Surgery: Primum Non Nocere
Introduction: A.G. Hill, New Zealand


2017 Basel C. Nicollier, Switzerland
Space exploration, the benefit and the risk
Introduction: N. Demartines, Switzerland


2015 Bangkok P.-A. Clavien, Switzerland
Surgical leadership: do we need it and can we measure it?
Introduction: M. Furrer, Switzerland


2013 Helsinki J. Marescaux, France
Surgery and computer sciences: inventing the future
Introduction: G. Akerström, Sweden


2011 Yokohama R.M. Satava, USA
The impact of advanced technologies on the future of surgery
Introduction: K.D. Boffard, South Africa


2009 Adelaide C. Hamlin, Ethiopia
Restoring women's lives: Dr. Catherine Hamlin and the Fistula Hospitals of Ehiopia
Introduction: M.J. Webb, Australia


2007 Montréal D. Scheidegger, Switzerland
Patient saftety: from aequanimitas to team performance
Introduction: M. Rothmund, Germany


2005 Durban W.E.G. Thomas, United Kingdom
Teaching and assessing surgical competences: how, why, when and who
Introduction: F. Harder, Switzerland


2003 Bangkok Congress cancelled


2001 Brussels B. Sparkes, USA
A new dimension in the treatment of burns
Introduction: J.R. Siewert, Germany