Grey Turner Lecturers

Grey Turner Lectures


2019 Krakow B. Bass, USA
Forty Years in Practice: Infrastructure and Policy to optimize
surgeons retooling for a lifetime of Peak Performance
Introduction: A.G. Hill, New Zealand


2017 Basel G. Fried, Canada
Surgical innovation: our professional legacy and responsibility
Introduction: M. Patti, USA


2015 Bangkok J. Belghiti, France
The risk of liver surgery
Introduction: J.G. Hunter, USA


2013 Helsinki L. Pahlman, Sweden
Radiotherapy for rectal cancer in 2013
Introduction: J.-C. Givel, Switzerland


2011 Yokohama R.J. Nicholis, UK
The evolution of restorative proctocolectomy from the late 1970s to the present
Introduction: J.-C. Givel, Switzerland


2009 Adelaide G.G. Jamieson, Australia
Why aren't surgeons scientific or why surgeons aren't scientific?
Introduction: J.G. Hunter, USA


2007 Montréal J.R. Siewert, Germany
100 years esophagectomies: from Grey Turner until today
Introduction: J. Wong, Hong Kong SAR


2005 Durban S.A. Wells Jr., USA
Genetic screening and prophylactis surgery in cancer
Introduction: A.R. Brown, Australia


2003 Bangkok Congress cancelled


2001 Brussels M. Kitajima, Japan
Progress in GI cancer management: challenges in the 21st Century
Introduction: S.A. Wells Jr., USA


1999 Vienna U. Veronesi, Italy
The surgical management of breast cancer
Introduction: A.R. Brown, Australia


1997 Acapulco A.K.C. Li, Hong Kong
The changing role of the liver surgeon
Introduction: Y. Idezuki, Japan


1995 Lisbon Ch. Herfarth, Germany
Science - the driving force for the continuous advancement of surgery
Introduction: M. Trede, Germany


1993 Hong Kong P.J. Morris, United Kingdom
Organ transplantation: the present and the future
Introduction: L.M. Nyhus, USA


1991 Stockholm B. Samuelsson, Sweden
Prostaglandins and leucotrines: role in health and disease
Introduction: J.F. Patino, Colombia


1989 Toronto W. J. Rudowski, Poland
Haemostasis and blood replacement: state of the art 1990
Introduction: S.-E. Bergentz, Sweden


1987 Sydney T.E. Starzl, USA
Organ transplantation
Introduction: A.G.R. Shell, Australia


1985 Paris Ch. du Bost, France
Introduction: P.A. Ebert, USA


1983 Hamburg G.B. Ong, Hong Kong
Carcinoma of the esophagus
Introduction: D. Skinner, USA


1981 Montreux Mrs. L. Rees, United Kingdom
Control of pain
Introduction: Sir Edward Dunlop, Australia


1979 San Francisco E. Grey Turner, United Kingdom (Son of George Grey Turner)
This material age is beginning to realise that threre was some good in the past (G. Grey Turner, Boston, 10 June 1931)


1977 Kyoto R. Doll, United Kingdom
Geographical variations in cancer incidence as a clue to aetiology


1975 Edinburgh Sir Donald Douglas, United Kingdom
Hospital design - the ideal and reality


1973 Barcelona R.H. Franklin, United Kingdom
Grey Turner and the surgery of the esophagus


1971 Moscow F. Linder, F.R. Germany
Surgical treatment of arterial hypertension


1969 Buenos Aires A. Ochsner, USA
Surgical treatment of arterial hypertension


1967 Vienna T. Homes Sellors, United Kingdom
Surgery of the esophagus


1965 Philadelphia J.F. Dunphy, USA
Cancer of the colon and recturm. Athirty-years perspective


1963 Rome Ph. Sandblom, Sweden
Billary tract hemorrhage hemobilia


1961 Dublin L.C. Rogers, United Kingdom
The life and work of George Grey Turner