Global Surgery Subcommittee

Global Surgery Subcommittee


The Global Surgery Subcommittee is chaired by a Councillor-at-Large of the ISS/SIC, and is made up of key National Delegates, being aimed at increasing involvement and commitment of National Delegates and National Representatives.

The Committee interacts and collaborates with Integrated Societies in advocacy efforts for global surgery.

The Global Surgery Subcommittee interacts and collaborates with other organizations, to develop and coordinate postgraduate surgical education, in association with the ISS/SIC Academy. It shall seek to develop strategies for the ISS/SIC to partner and/or interact with Colleges, Universities, Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s), and other stakeholders.

The Global Surgery Subcommittee provides coordination between the Council, and the National Delegates.

Hisham Abdullah, MD, Councillor-at-Large

Ministry of Health Malaysia
Office of Director GeneralHealth MY
Level 12, Block E7, Complex E,
62590 Putrajaya