Prize of the "Société Internationale de Chirurgie"


At the General Assembly of the ISS/SIC held on September 17th, 1953, it was decided, on the recommendation of the Scientific Council, to award at each future meeting a prize to be called:
Prize of the "Société Internationale de Chirurgie"

The prize is to consist of a medal which shall be awarded to the surgeon who has published work which has made the most notable and useful contribution to Surgical Science. The prize winner need not necessarily to be a member of the Society.

Candidates for the prize must be recommended by their National Delegate to the General Secretary of the Society, together with the reasons for their choice, at least by January before the date of the next congress. These recommendations will be circulated to the members of the Executive Committee. They will be considered and voted upon at the meeting of the Executive Committee which is always held before the Inaugural Meeting of the Congress.

The prize winner shall be decided by an absolute majority of votes. If an absolute majority is not obtained at the first count, the decision shall be made by a relative majority at the second count. If two candidates obtain the same number of votes, the Chairman shall have a casting vote. The name of the prize winner shall be announced by the Secretary General at the formal Inaugural Session.


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