Welcome to the web site of the International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC). By representing 6 Collective Member Societies and surgeons from more than 100 countries, the ISS/SIC has the goal to work for teaching in surgery, both specialized and general surgery, in developed and developing countries.

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History of the Society

Before 1850 international relationships in science were mostly between individuals and only marginally influenced by political events. This changed later as they progressed, and with the creation of unified nation states, sciences became more nationally oriented..

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Introduction and goals of membership

The ISS/SIC, founded in 1902 in Brussels, Belgium, would like to function with two aims in mind: On the one hand it wants to function as a very benevolent "umbrella organization" to keep the "house of surgery" together for all problems of general interest to all surgical specialties, on the other hand, the ISS/SIC has also a vital interest in upkeeping general surgery as an important training base...

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Member's Pages

Here you will find the Membership Directory (incl. contact addresses) as well as other membership information. This data is password protected and acessible to members only...

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World Congress of Surgery WCS

The International Society of Surgery organizes every other year the World Congress of Surgery (WCS) (formerly named International Surgical Week ISW) working closely with the Collective Member Societies and a number of participating international societies. The aim of WCS is having all surgical subspecialties meet under one roof and enhancing a mutual exchange of knowledge and techniques...

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